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What is a Farafix Car Key Box?

Farafix is the world’s first crowdfunded device dedicated to combating Vehicle Relay Hackers that can Steal your car in 60 SECONDS!!

Protect your vehicle from Relay hacking theft with Farafix's twin faraday shielding technology. Simply place your keyless entry/start keys inside Farafix, and you can rest happy in the knowledge that Farafix is protecting your vehicles key from outside hacking attacks.

What is vehicle 'Relay Hacking'?

Vehicle wireless entry and start keys work by emitting a radio frequency signal. When the key is close enough to the vehicle, it reads this signal and tells the vehicle its authorised to open and start. If the vehicle cannot pick up or read the signal from the key (if it's indoors for example), it won’t open or start.

Relay Hackers are car thieves that use a device which amplifies your vehicles key signal (from up to 30 meters away). This tricks your car into thinking that the key is next to it and safe to open.

Relay Hacker car thieves work in pairs to steal your vehicle or remove valuables in an average of sixty seconds! One hacker will stand by your front door holding one part of the hacking device (the amplifier part), the other hacker stands by your vehicle with the receiver part of the device. The Hacking device amplifies your vehicles key signal from anywhere inside your house and transmits this to the other part of the device near your vehicle, tricking your vehicle into thinking the key is present. The car hacker thieves are then free to open, gain access to and drive away your car!

In the last couple of years, vehicle theft has risen by 50% due to ‘Relay Hackers’! Watch this CCTV footage showing how quick and easy it is for car thieves to take or steal from your vehicle!

How Does Farafix Work?

Farafix’s Patent-pending dual RFI/EMI shielded layer and conductive seal system design uses the faraday-shielding principles to stop your keys radio frequency from emitting outside the box. When your key/s are in Farafix, nothing gets in, nothing gets out. So, Relay Hackers can’t use their device to read your keys radio signal and won’t be able to hack their way into your vehicle.

A Simple, Elegant and Effective way of protecting your vehicle and goods inside! Farafix can also be used as a quick and easy way to block your phones carrier, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal connection to force some ‘phone-free time’ onto yourself.

Farafix Design


Designing a storage solution comes with its own dilemmas. That’s why we wanted to offer as many styling choices as we could to make sure that Farafix fits nicely within your home décor. A real hard wood exterior stained in a range of colours, copper accents to lay homage to the faraday-shielding properties and contemporary style feet. A blend of technology and traditional aesthetics, we are sure Farafix will not only protect your vehicles from theft, but also stand proudly within your home decor

Farafix comes in two sizes; Farafix, which will fit nicely on a slim entryway table or shelf, and the larger Farafix Plus for those who need some more room inside the box, perfect for the whole families keys


Material selection was top priority to us when designing Farafix! We wanted to make a product that not only lasts but does its job while it does. We would never cut corners because after all, our product is protecting your vehicle, worth literally thousands!

We experimented with many different woods for the exterior, all different types of conductive materials to make the faraday shielding from and hundreds of different seals, gaskets and methods of creating a sealed unit to house your vehicles keys. We have been in contact with countless manufacturers regarding material properties, customisation and enhancement to make sure we ended up with a product that is a fusion of excellent quality at a cost effective price


Farafix is based on the Faraday cages that you might see in films like Enemy of the State. Remember when Gene Hackman takes Will Smith into his Faraday cage (a large wire mesh room containing his computers). He explains that the faraday cage protects him from the government spying on him! Faraday cages are often used by serious 'survival preppers' that make large Faraday boxes to protect their electrical equipment in case of war and EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attacks

We have taken this technology and used it to target the quickest growing car theft method in the last two years, Car Relay Hackers! After extensive testing and experiments, we opted out of using just one level of protection as this is what faraday sleeves consist of (that are prone to breaking)

We wanted to make our system foolproof so we designed a Patent pending dual layer EMI/RFI shielded internal enclosure. This way we could layer twin Faraday cages into Farafix which gives greater protection over a wider range of different radio frequency attacks. This extra layer ensures that all signals from your vehicles key or fob are sealed within the box and cannot leak out or be picked up by hacking devices.

To make Farafix work faultlessly every-time it shuts, we experimented with hundreds of different seals, gaskets, hinges, latches, magnets and methods of closing. To ensure we created this 100% seal on both layers of the faraday-shielding, we finished each enclosure with industrial grade neoprene filled silver-nickel mesh gasket seals that will last for years

This creates the perfect undisturbed seal we needed to create the protective Faraday shielded bubble to keep you and your families vehicles keys safe and out of the car hackers reach

Our Mission

Having your vehicle stolen is one of the worse feelings (from our collective experience). From the invasion of property or just the hassle it causes afterwards including the rise in insurance

Our mission is to help stop these crimes happening! If just one of our Farafix car key boxes stops just one of our backers having to go through that, our mission is complete. But we hope to save thousands of people from this horrible experience

So help us help you and others. Back us any way you can and help us on our journey. We have big plans to expand our operation after the Kickstarter campaign and make the Farafix solution open to other industries. Our mission is to stop as many vehicle relay hacks as we can around the world!


+ Stops 100% of Wireless Key Signals

+ Stops Keyless Entry/Start keys/fobs from being remotely accessed by thieves

+ Works with both Fob and Card Style keys

+ Stylish Box Design in a colour to match your Decor

+ Twin Industrial Grade EMI/RFI Shielding Cages

+ Industrial Grade EMI/RFI Shielded Seals

+ Can be used to block signals to your Cell phone

Wood Choices



Golden Oak

Golden Oak




Various hardwood (depending on choice)
EMI/RFI Copper based Shielding
EMI/RFI Neoprene Foam Core Shielded Mesh Seals
Magnetic Lid Clasps
Copper Detailing
Brass Hinges

Dimensions (L x W x H):
20 x 12 x 10
(7.87 x 4.72 x 3.93 inches)
Farafix Plus:
25 x 15 x 11
(9.84 x 5.90 x 4.33 inches)

300g / 1.1 lbs
Farafix Plus:
500g / 1.98 lbs

2 Years Limited

Competition Information

Farafix Box:
Choose either our Farafix or Farafix plus car key box
Choice of 3 colours
Will be delivered with our first batch of crowdfunded boxes
Subject to successful crowdfunding
No cash equivalent

Alien Perfume:
Choose either Alien Female or Alien Man
60ml (female) 50ml (Man)
UK delivery only
No cash equivalent

£25 Amazon Gift Card:
No cash equivalent
Will be delievered electronically